Say "Hello" To Your Community Workshop

We're Open! Monday and Wednesday 1-6pm with tours Wednesday 3-5pm

What the
Heck is

LaunchSpace is a non-profit, member-based community workshop in the Orange Innovation Center, providing tools, equipment, education, and support to people who want to make and repair things, but don't have space, money, or time to build a shop of their own. It offers an environment to share creative energy, a classroom for personal learning for all ages, and workforce training for re-entry into the job market.

Meet the Team

LaunchSpace is meant to be a place for members of our community to build their skills and have a great time. Meet the team behind this project and find out why they're so committed to building a successful community workshop in Orange."

Featuring over 10,000sf of workshop space, LaunchSpace creates a welcoming atmosphere where makers in the community can gather and explore ideas. Our plan is to create a space that promotes community economic growth and skills training.