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Why Does Launchspace Need Volunteers?

As a small nonprofit, LaunchSpace Inc. (LS) highly values its volunteers. Volunteers make it possible to keep our space open, safe, clean and exciting. There are many opportunities for volunteers to get involved -- from one hour per week, helping organize tools, to more than 20 hours per week, supporting the senior level staff in operations, marketing and fundraising.

In particular, we count on our volunteers to do our most important task: keeping the makerspace fun, vibrant, clean and safe. We feel these roles are best done by community members donating their time and talent in support of our mission: to create opportunities for the community to participate in, offer feedback and endorse our work.

We also need volunteers who have the skills, experiences and talents beyond what our excellent professional staff already bring to LS.

LaunchSpace Inc., is also committed to helping cultivate new professionals in a variety of fields. Therefore, we reserve certain tasks and roles for volunteer interns, to provide career-development experiences to emerging professionals.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Manager
The Volunteer Manager is responsible for managing the daily operations of the Volunteer program, including recruitment, training and scheduling of individual and group volunteers and interns. The Volunteer Manager works closely with the Chief Executive Officer to coordinate special visitor groups, support special events, and assist with other projects as needed.
Social Media Manager
The Social Media Manager is tasked to implement the Strategic Outreach and Marketing plan. The Social Media Manager will focus on the following areas: social media content creation, trend research, and impact tracking. Social Media Manager will work directly with Fundraising & Marketing
WordPress Manager
The WordPress Developer is responsible for both back-end and front-end development, including creating WordPress themes and plugins. This position requires a combination of programming skills (namely PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript) and aesthetics (understanding element arrangements on the screen, the color and font choices, etc).
Administrative Assistant
The Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper position is responsible for providing office support, clerical, and daily bookkeeping tasks to ensure LSI adheres to best practices and requirements for non-profit business operations and reporting. Confidentiality, efficient time management, excellent organizational skills, and attention to accuracy are essential qualifications for this position, as is the ability to communicate clearly.
Grant Writer
The volunteer Grant Writer will be responsible for researching, writing and coordinating the grant application process; management of proposals to foundations and corporate sources in pursuit of fundraising goals.
Workshop Coordinator
The workshop coordinator works with the stewardship team, instructors, and the leadership team to organize and run workshops in the space. This position requires excellent people and organizational skills and the ability to balance multiple priorities at once. It’s perfect for someone who likes to network and create fun classes and workshops to offer to the community.
Shop Steward
Shop Stewards are dedicated volunteers who play a key role at LaunchSpace by helping with maintenance and cleaning of specific LaunchSpace areas and equipment, assisting in the Tool Training and Testing process (qualifying new members to grant them access to LaunchSpace tools and equipment). Serving as an in-house mentor and helper who can answer questions about specific tools, processes and crafts to help members better their skills, use of equipment and improve the quality of their projects. Currently we are getting each shop open. Stewards will be part of creating the orientation and tool training for the shop they are in charge of. Shops include: Woodworking, Arts & Design, Robotics & IT, Pottery, Metal, Silversmithing, Photography, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing.
Tool Master
The tool master is a jack of all trades. This position is instrumental in making sure the tools are in good, safe working order. The tools master works in most all workshops and with the stewards to go through the tools and help with maintenance and making the leadership team aware when tools may need to be replaced.
Floor Helper
The floor helper is the glue of the operation. This position is for someone with a friendly personality and like to be all around helpful, whether it’s giving a tour or cleaning up and organizing at the end of the day, the floor helper keeps the space running smoothly.

Do you need volunteers?

Yes, join the LaunchSpace Team! As a non-profit, we rely on volunteers like you to advance the mission of providing access to advanced tools and training to our region. Let us know if you can help! If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out our online application using the link below.

Teach a workshop

We are always looking for new and exciting classes and workshops to offer our members and the community. By teaching a class or workshop series in our makerspace you will be sharing your knowledge, skills and passion while making a supplemental income for yourself.

Our volunteers and staff will provide support with booking, promotion and running the class or workshop series in our space.

Instructor FAQ

Why should I become an instructor at LaunchSpace?
You are giving people the ability to make. You would teach people how to safely and effectively use tools. You’re helping your community, having fun and making some money doing something you already love to do.
Can I set my own class schedule?
We will work with you to find times that don’t conflict with other classes and can offer input as to what has worked well in the past.
Do I have to be a member to instruct?
You do not have to be a member to teach with LaunchSpace. You will need to go through a member orientation of the space and get trained on any equipment you plan to use in the space.
How much could I make?
Instructors of group classes get 50% of class tuition. How much you make will depend on the market value of the type of class you’re offering and how many of those seats fill. While we do our part in marketing your class, instructors who help promote often see higher enrollments and more money in their pocket.
Would I have help advertising my classes?
We do publicity for all our classes and reach most students through our website, email newsletters and social media. Instructors who reach out to their own network and put some effort into marketing do see a pay off for their efforts as well.
As an instructor, is my liability protected?
While we encourage you to have your own insurance, our waivers and general liability insurance indemnify your actions, so long as you are not acting in gross negligence.

The Launch List

LaunchSpace was awarded 501(c)(3) non-profit status, which means all donations of equipment and funds are tax-deductible! We are currently working to find tools and equipment for our workshops and funds to help us during closure. If you can help out, drop us a line.

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