Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Makerspace?
At its core, a makerspace is a place where creative people can gather and work on projects. It’s a workshop, providing tools and equipment for members, along with storage space for larger projects.

Launchspace’s mission extends beyond the traditional definition of a makerspace. We are also committed to helping makers who want to start their own business and those interested in learning technical skills that could be used in real-world jobs.
How will LaunchSpace benefit the North Quabbin region?
LaunchSpace is meant to be a project-oriented environment. It’s a place where anyone with existing skills can go to work on projects that require more space than they have at home, or tools that they don’t normally have access to due to space or budget issues. It’s a place where people who don’t have existing skills can go learn from more experienced craftsmen (and women). The goal is to create an innovative environment that produces maker-based businesses to help the revitalization of the North Quabbin region, specifically our hometown of Orange.

LaunchSpace will offer technical training in partnership with local businesses and community colleges. It’s just another way we will improve the community through education, creativity, and providing the right tools to help innovators thrive.
Is LaunchSpace owned by the Orange Innovation Center?
No, LaunchSpace and the Orange Innovation Center are two different entities. LaunchSpace is a 501(c)(3) organization that rents space in the Orange Innovation Center, just as many other area businesses already do. In the spirit of keeping with the Orange Innovation Center’s mission, we do collaborate with other makers already housed in the OIC building.
What equipment do you have in each studio?
Throughout the space there are large group tables for you to work on projects with friends or other members, we also have a common room with a small kitchenette, lounge and pool table and a large project room for big projects like kayaks and garden sculptures.

Here is a list of equipment by studio:

Paper & Fiber Art Studio

(3) Sewing machines, (3) bring your own sewing machine stations, (2) sergers, (8) painters easel and work station

Photography Studio

(1) Canon EOS Rebel T6 Camera, MyStudio MS20J Tabletop Photo Studio Lightbox with 5000K Lighting, 12pc Jewelry Photography Tool Kit, Neewer 2.6M x 3M/8.5ft x 10ft Background Support System and 800W 5500K Umbrellas Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit for Photo Studio Product,Portrait and Video Shoot Photography , 500mm Preset f/8 Telephoto Lens, Vivitar T-Mount, 0.43x Wide Angle, 2.2x Telephoto Lens, Hard Tulip Lens Hood, 58mm UV, Polarizer & FLD Deluxe Filter kit, 58mm 4pc HD Macro Filter Set +1 +2 +4 +10, Bounce Zoom Slave Flash, Wired Shutter Release Remote, Targus 58" Tripod, 12" Compact Tripod.

Robotics & IT Studio

(1) Laser cutter with 16x24 bed and 90 watt laser, (1) Jam board, (10) HP laptops, (8) 3-D printers of varying capabilities, (8) Trapezoidal tables, (8) Standing height tables, (12) 12' tables for groups

Pottery Studio

(9) Pottery wheels – electric with stools, (1) Kick pottery wheel, (3) Kilns, (1) Slab roller table, (1) Wedging table

Metalworking Shop

4-foot metal-bending brake, 4-foot metal shear, Tube and rod bender. 4-foot sheet metal roller, Sheet metal press/punch (small), Spot welder, Metal lathe – to be delivered, MIG welder, 5-burner metal forge, Bench grinder

Woodworking Shop

(2) SawStop table saws, (1) Jet joiner-planer, (1) 13-inch thickness planer, (1) Double-drum sander, (2) Scroll saws, (2) Drill press, (1) 10" Compound miter saw, 2-stage 3-hp dust collector, (1) 20" Bandsaw, (1) 16x48" Wood lathe, (1) 3" Belt sander, (1) Random orbital sander, (2) Routers, (3) Radial arms saws, (2) ShopSmith multi-machines, (1) Drill/driver kit, (1) Biscuit joiner, (1) Air compressor

What classes will be offered at LaunchSpace?
When we reopen, we will offer classes and workshops for all levels. Sign up for our newsletter or join our Facebook page to keep up to date with our calendar.
Do I have to be a member to take classes or workshops at LaunchSpace?
No, although we offer discounted rates on classes and workshops for LaunchSpace members.
When will LaunchSpace reopen?
We're Open! Monday and Wednesday 1-6pm with tours Wednesday 3-5pm We are accepting limited Founding Memberships. There members will help us with getting the space ready to open for the community at large and will have input on how we position ourselves as a resource to the greater North Quabbin. We hope to be open with more hours in winter 2021.
Do you need volunteers?
Yes, join the LaunchSpace Team! As a non-profit, we rely on volunteers like you to advance the mission of providing access to advanced tools and training to our region. Let us know if you can help! If you are interested in volunteering, please click here to fill out our sign-up sheet and indicate that you are interested in volunteering.


This position is eligible for a free makerspace membership! We need a couple volunteers to come in twice weekly to clean the shop, lobby and restrooms.

Shop Lead

Do you like being the "go to"? Looking for someone who wants to spend time assisting makers, giving tours, and assuring a safe environment. We are looking for shop leads for Arts & Design, Metal Working, and Robotics & IT.

Tool Master

Are you mechanically minded? Do you understand how tools like laser cutters and cnc machines work? We need a volunteer or three to keep our tools shipshape, do preventative maintenance, and repair them when needed. Without you we don't have tools!

WordPress Designer

Do you have WordPress experience? You can help make our website more interactive, visually engaging and functional!

Social Media Coordinator

Are you a social media wizard? Help us spread the word by creating content for social and traditional media platforms!

These are limited positions, the first ones to volunteer will be eligible for a free memberships!

Do you need instructors?
Yes! We are always looking for more people who enjoy teaching others their craft or special skill. If you are interested in becoming an instructor in the areas of woodworking, metalworking, blacksmithing, robotics/IT, glassblowing, pottery, textiles, or digital photography, please contact
Can I stop by to see the space?
We are glad to show people around the space but prefer that you contact us for a tour. If you are interested in seeing the space, please email us at to schedule a time.

You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with open house tours coming soon!

Have Questions?

Bringing LaunchSpace into existence is a large project. We are extremely proud that we have received the funding that will make it possible for our makerspace to open in the coming months. We have had many questions from the community about LaunchSpace and want to be as transparent about our project as possible. If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to email for further info.